Evernote and Post It Notes, a chocolate and peanut butter combination

Whiteboard with Post It Notes

Whiteboard with Post It Notes

As many of you already know, I am huge fan of Evernote. When I recently read about the capability to capture Post-It Notes ™, and have them automatically go to a designated notebook or tag, I had to try it. I am an immediate fan. This is a clever integration of tools.  Here are some articles that got me started on this experiment, now a  standard operating procedure:

I have a whiteboard behind me that used to have a lot of written notes and taskings on it. It was great to keep me on task, but it was not very portable. By using Post-It Notes, I can more easily move tasks around. However, the real benefit of Post-It Notes is when I integrate them into Evernote. Now I have a system that can follow me around. My notes and taskings are available to me on my phone, iPad, and all the computers I use.

In the newest version of Evernote, the camera feature has an Post-It Note option, which you must use to gain the benefit of the integration. With this option selected, you simply take a picture of your Post-It Note, and the magic happens. You can take pictures of Post-It Notes with your smartphone or iPad; naturally, Evernote must be loaded. Based on settings you assign in your Evernote mobile application, the photo will be automatically assigned a tag, sent to a notebook, and/or  set a reminder within Evernote. According to Evernote, neon colors work best. They sell a special package of Post-It Notes with an Evernote label on the front of the package.

Evernote screen

Evernote screen

Presently, I am only using three of the four colors. On my overhead in front of me, I affixed three different Post-It Note colors with the tags I am using.  It helps me decide which color I want to use for a note.

My overhead with my Post It Note tags

My overhead with my Post It Note tags

This integration of different tools has already made an improvement in my operations. I encourage you to give it a try.


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