Book Review – Booked: The Digital Marketing and Social Media Appointment Setting System for Anyone Looking for a Steady Stream of Leads, Appointments and New Clients

While waiting for an individual to arrive for an appointment, I had a couple of hours to kill so I read Josh Turner’s Booked: The Digital Marketing and Social Media Appointment Setting System for Anyone Looking for a Steady Stream of Leads, Appointments and New Clients*. I really enjoyed it, even though I was reading it on my phone. Turner basically explained his process for increasing the number of new clients. In the book, he outlined a 5-step system for lead generation and client acquisition. I thought he did a solid job. If you are trying to increase your client list, you may want to take a look at this book. 

This book is all about lead generation. As Turner noted, “In order to get your next client, you must first get your next lead” (Turner, 2016, Introduction: para. 6). Throughout his book, he discussed how to get in front of prospects and turn them into clients.

Turner writes in a relaxed tone and uses storytelling throughout his book to get his ideas across. This 97-page book spans 13 chapters. The first part of his book focused on his early business experiences and their downfalls because there wasn’t steady lead generation. The second half of the book outlined Turner’s 5-step system for lead generation.

Throughout the book, Turner stressed the importance of generating leads and turning them into paying clients. These ideas apply to new businesses, as well as established businesses. You need a steady stream of prospects and clients. Turner also stressed that it takes work, and more importantly, it takes a system which many businesses do not have.

In his book, Turner outlined a system for lead generation that primarily uses tools like email, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

“The answer was systematically targeting the right prospects and working them through a process that takes advantage of psychological triggers, to get them to agree to meet with me” (Turner, 2016, Chapter 4, para. 26).

Turner believes it is important to step out and establish yourself as a leader and expert in your field. You can do this by creating your own LinkedIn and Facebook groups.

“When you can position yourself as a leader, as a real expert, your prospects will actually want to talk to you” (Turner, 2016, Chapter 6: para. 3).

He then outlined his 5-step process for lead generation. The steps include:

  1. Establish a foundation
  2. Create a leadership platform
  3. Build your database of prospects.
  4. Implement your message campaign
  5. Leverage email to close the deal.

Turner dedicated a chapter to each of these steps and noted that you should spend 30-60 minutes to generate the results you desire.

As he explained each step, he went into reasonable detail. I was able to walk away confident that I could put into practice what he shared. As he was outlining examples, he also shared scripts he uses in his email campaigns. They are very much in line with what Viveka von Rosen shared in her book, LinkedIn Marketing – An Hour a Day.

Turner also shared resources that support his book. One that was particularly useful was a poster of the system. He also shared his tracking system to help move prospects to the client status.

I was really pleased with Booked: The Digital Marketing and Social Media Appointment Setting System for Anyone Looking for a Steady Stream of Leads, Appointments and New Clients. As I mentioned, I walked away with a number of ideas I could and will implement. Right now, I am considering purchasing this book as a hardcopy because I want it close to me as I work through some ideas. I have no reservation recommending this book. I certainly will be referring to it more.

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