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I think I have found a way to stay on track – Bullet Journaling

I think I have found a way to stay on track - Bullet Journaling

In my back pocket, I carry a small Moleskine notebook* where I write notes as they occur to me. These notes may be from meetings, podcasts, books, or just random ideas I want to capture. Frankly, my notebook has been a mess, at least, until now. Yesterday, I tripped upon a method to help me stay on track better due to better note taking. We shall see how it works over the next couple of months. However, I was so excited about the discovery and potential that I wanted to share.  Read the rest of this entry

After Two Parties I Almost Died… Virtually

After Two Parties I Almost Died… VirtuallyBut I was saved by a healing potion and ventured on. Let me explain. I have always been looking at different programs to help me stay on track and complete my to-do list. I just found a new program called HabitRPG. This program combines my desire to complete tasks and achieve goals with my love of playing games; I’m having a lot of fun getting things done. Read the rest of this entry

Take time to make time

Take time to make timeAs I “write” this, I’m sitting somewhere between Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee on the highway I-65, I think. I was listening to a podcast this morning that was quite good. It was an Entrepreneurs on Fire episode – #1106. One of the issues they were talking about was “return on time” (ROT). So, let’s talk about this a little bit. Read the rest of this entry

Our Processes for Providing Faculty Support

Our Processes for Providing Faculty SupportA couple of days ago, I crossed over the 10 month threshold of my job as the Director of Enhanced-Technology Instruction (TEI) for Jamestown Community College. Since I joined JCC, the TEI team has been working through a number of applications and processes to find the best fit for our faculty and their needs. I thought I would take a moment to share what we are doing. Read the rest of this entry

Loving my Varidesk!

Me and my Varidesk

Me and my Varidesk

Yesterday, I received a Varidesk for my office, and I am already in love with it. If you have been watching the news, you may have seen reports on the health hazards of sitting all day at work.

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