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How scarcity affects Extension or why we should be giving it away

Everything I have been reading has pointed to one conclusion… we need to openly share what we create in support of Extension. A model of information control once served Extension well, but that has significantly changed in recent years. The information that Extension has provided to the public is no longer scarce, it is available for the taking on the Internet. Schmidt and Rosenberg best explain it in their book, How Google WorksRead the rest of this entry

What’s up, JOE? – Paul Hill and Stacey MacArthur from Utah State University

In this episode of What’s up, JOE?, Bob Bertsch and I talked with Paul Hill and Stacey MacArthur from Utah State University about their recent article in the Journal of Extension called Google Search Mastery Operators. Read the rest of this entry

Book Review: Google+ for Business

I am giving Google+ another look because of what I read in Chris Brogan’s book Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything*. The title is a little deceptive because I believe this book would be enlightening for everyone interested in how to get the most out of Google+. Read the rest of this entry