#ATD Session: The 70-20-10 Design Approach to On-Demand Learning Using Agile

The 70-20-10 Design Approach toHow do I best help faculty learn about new concepts and technologies? This is the question that keeps me up. Our faculty have a heavy teaching load, and therefore, they have little time to dedicate to attending workshops. What to do?

Lynne Iati and Suzanne Squillante from CA Technologies have implemented a learning on demand strategy for their company using an agile scrum building methodology for development. There are a number of important ideas in this presentation.  Read the rest of this entry

#ADT2015 Session: Make Powerful Infographics Fast

Make Powerful Infographics FastMike Parkinson, founder of Billion Dollar Graphics, gave a highly informative presentation on creating infographics.  Since I am not artistically inclined, I will have difficulty putting this into action, but I do understand enough to help guide a graphic artist. During his presentation, he addressed two important elements to consider while putting together an infographic. He also shared free or cheap resources to make it happen. Read the rest of this entry

#ATD2015 Session: Time Management is Dead & Get Control of Email and Outlook

Time Management is Dead & Get Control ofNormally, I do not sit in on vendor sessions. During this ATD Conference I sat in on two given by the same person, Mike Song, CEO of GetControl.net. The topics sounded interesting, something I certainly needed. I am always trying to figure out how to better manage my time and email.  For the few tips I picked up, the sessions were worth it. Read the rest of this entry

#ATD2015 Session: Write Activities to make boring lectures disappear

Write Activities to make boring lecturesI sat in on this session to gain some new tools that I could share with Jamestown Community College faculty members. Jean Barbazette, Founder of The Training Clinic, did not disappoint. I walked away with five different ways to improve upon the lecture.  Read the rest of this entry

#ATD2015 Keynote: Sugata Mitra

ATD Keynote: Sugata MitraThis was a fantastic presentation! What Sugata Mitra has managed to learn and create has been nothing short of great. This presentation began the third day of the ATD conference. It set a wonderful tone for the rest of the day. Read the rest of this entry


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