Book Review: Evidence-based Training Methods – A Guide for Training Professionals

Evidence-Based Training Methods book coverVery simply put, if you educate others whether in higher ed, Extension, or as a volunteer, I strongly recommend you pick up a copy and read Evidence-based Training Methods: A Guide for Training Professionals by Ruth Colvin Clark. Actually, I recommend that you pick up the second edition because it has recent come out, and I am quite confident new topics have been discussed and recent research added. Clark basically pooled research together to explain best instructional practices along with busting common instructional myths in a very readable tone. Her book reflected the lessons she shared throughout the book. This is another book that will hold a key place in my reference library. Read the rest of this entry

Using MailChimp to Support Breakthrough Learning

Using MailChimp to Support Breakthrough LearningIn December 2011, I reported “typical corporate training departments only have a 15% success rate for participants applying what they learned to the job.” This information came from The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning by Calhoun Wick, Roy Pollock, and Andrew Jefferson. Additionally, the authors explained 75% of learning transfer fails in post-training. What if there were a tool to help learners in post-training? Read the rest of this entry

January 2015 issue of Geeks and Speaks is out

SUNY JCC Newsletter

January 2015

Volume 7, Issue 1

Are you in a troubled relationship with a computer? Do you want a Web page that will reach out and grab the collars of those surfing to your site? Help to design a no-caffeine-needed instruction program delivered via the Web? We’re ready to help with your technology needs! Our Technology Enhanced Instruction staff members are only a click or call away.

Ask an Expert – Ask an Expert is a service provided by, where you can get one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension educators and volunteers from across the United States. So far, approximately 200,000 questions have been asked since 2008 on topics ranging from food preservation to pruning and 4-H to social media. Do you have a burning question? Go to to get your expert answer.
Read More – Here are the upcoming sessions provided by Extension educators and specialists across the nation. Read More

Book reviews by Tubarks – Education and technology book reviews by Tubarks. Read More

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Book Review: ReWork

ReworkThe recommendation to read Rework came to me through the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast. It had been mentioned on a number of occasions and I thought I should take a look. After reading it, I can understand why many are recommending it. In this book, the authors, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson share the secrets of their successful company 37signals. I am very interested in how companies broke the code and became successful. I believe these lessons can be leveraged for my current work as well as non-profits I am engaged in. There are definitely lessons to be learned from this book. Read the rest of this entry

Ways to get more out of short URLs

As I start to use Google Docs and Evernote more and more in my work, I am realizing how unwieldy they are when trying to share a document. If you try to send them in a tweet, it eats up all 140 characters. Fortunately, URL shorteners can help with long URLs, and they have other advantages especially in media campaigns. While there are a number of URL shortening tools, I will show you how to use as well as show you how to track a multi-media campaign with it. Read the rest of this entry


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