Do you have a library card? Great time to get one

Do you have a library card? Great time to get oneEver since I could remember, I have loved libraries. I love everything about them. I love what they stand for and the services they deliver. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans feel that libraries are providing the resources they need. Yet, there are still a significant number of people who are not aware of all the services that libraries provide. This is a great time to visit your library because it is Library Card Sign Up Month. Here are some of the services available through the Lakewood Memorial Library and the New York Public Library. Read the rest of this entry

Book Review – Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground

Over the past year, Jamestown Community College has been tightening their belt as they adjust to a declining enrollment. Smartly, they have also been pursuing a culture of innovation in an effort to more efficiently use the dollars they have as well as create an environment that is attractive to students and businesses alike. I am a fan of continual process improvement, which I blame on my career in the Air Force. Oh, by the way, Happy 69th birthday, United State Air Force.

When I look for books to read, I look for companies to benchmark in terms of processes and culture. I am a huge fan of Google and how they operate but I am also a fan of Pixar based on what and how they do things. When I saw Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons from the World’s Most Creative Corporate Playground* in a used bookstore, I knew I wanted to learn from them. I was not disappointed. As a bonus, I have a signed copy; a benefit of shopping at a used bookstore. Read the rest of this entry

Book Review: Fahrenheit 451

It has been over 20 years since I read a fiction book. Fahrenheit 451: A Novel was a great book to start off with. It is a book I probably should have read while in high school. Fahrenheit 451 is 65 years old and its message is still relevant in 2016. Read the rest of this entry

How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

This summer, Bernadette and I finally had a chance to vacation together. We took a trip to Nashville, TN, in part, to attend a CAP conference. However, a large part of the trip was dedicated to traveling and seeing museums and nature. To plan our trip, we used a program called Roadtrippers. I thought this was a wonderful little program that allowed us to work together as we decided which places we wanted to see. During the trip, it helped us navigate to those places. Roadtrippers also has a collection of travel guides for recommended places to see. Read the rest of this entry

Book Review: Become Your Own Personal Assistant

While listening to a recent episode of Beyond The To Do List, I had an opportunity to hear Dana Byers talk about productivity. I enjoyed what she was sharing, and because of what I was hearing, I decided to purchase her book, Become Your Own Personal Assistant: How to Hack Your Task Lists Once and For All to Achieve a Calmer Life*. While the book was very short, I did find a number of clever ideas that I will use to increase efficiency and effectiveness in my life.

Read the rest of this entry