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How to improve your road trips using an app called Road Trippers

This summer, Bernadette and I finally had a chance to vacation together. We took a trip to Nashville, TN, in part, to attend a CAP conference. However, a large part of the trip was dedicated to traveling and seeing museums and nature. To plan our trip, we used a program called Roadtrippers. I thought this was a wonderful little program that allowed us to work together as we decided which places we wanted to see. During the trip, it helped us navigate to those places. Roadtrippers also has a collection of travel guides for recommended places to see. Read the rest of this entry

Tubarks Tales, Episode #5

This is another episode of Tubarks Tales; I will be telling you about my recent train adventure and what I learned, password management and LastPass, and introducing a couple of new apps that I think you will like. Read the rest of this entry

Loving my new Samsung Galaxy Gear!

Well, I just picked up a new watch the other day.

New Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

New Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch

It is a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, and it works with my phone. While I have had it for only two days, I love it. It has already changed how I now travel and do business. In addition to the watch, I also picked up a Bluetooth Jabra overhead hands-free device for my phone. These two devices have significantly improved my travel experience; traveling has just become a little more fun. Read the rest of this entry