Book Review: How Google Works

How Google WorksDuring my time in the Air Force, I was indoctrinated in the General Creech model of Total Quality Management. I have used a number of those principles to this day, but one principle stood out more than the others… benchmark the leaders. As I look around much is in turmoil and much does not work to the level it should, yet, there is a company that continuously improves and takes advantage of their failures with improvement in other areas, and that company is Google. I have always been curious about what was behind the Google curtain. When I learned that Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former Senior Vice President of Products Jonathan Rosenberg wrote How Google Works, I knew I had to read it. I was not disappointed. If you are looking to shake up how your organization runs, there are countless lessons in this book. A number of them I plan to implement in my new job. Read the rest of this entry

November 2014 issue of Geeks and Speaks is out

University of Wyoming Newsletter

November 2014

Volume 6, Issue 11

Are you in a troubled relationship with a computer? Do you want a Web page that will reach out and grab the collars of those surfing to your site? Help to design a no-caffeine-needed instruction program delivered via the Web? We’re ready to help with your technology needs! Our Technology-Enhanced Instruction staff members are only a click or call away.

Ask an Expert – Ask an Expert is a service provided by, where you can get one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension educators and volunteers from across the United States. So far, approximately 200,000 questions have been asked since 2008 on topics ranging from food preservation to pruning and 4-H to social media. Do you have a burning question? Go to to get your expert answer.
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Email Tip: 9 Email Productivity Secrets That Will Get Your Life Back – Here is a collection of email productivity tips. Some of my favorites include checking email only 3 times a day, turning off notifications, and using rules or filters. Read More

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Settling in to SUNY JCC

Welcome basket

Welcome basket

Over the past week, I have been moving from Laramie, Wyoming and settling in to Jamestown, New York. Anytime you have a life changing event, there is a lot of anxiety. This move has not been any different. Some new stresses as Bernadette and I figure out how to go from one house to another with three dogs. But I have to say, SUNY JCC (Jamestown Community College) has been very welcoming!  Read the rest of this entry

Waze helped me get all this way

WazeIt has been a rather stressful week  as I moved from Wyoming to New York. It involved packing a truck, driving across the country, putting everything in storage, moving into my office and my apartment, and getting the lay of the land. One program helped relieve some of the stress—Waze. Read the rest of this entry

Movin’, movin’, movin’ – So much to do

Moving DayWell, I am down to my last hour working for the University of Wyoming Extension. I am on my way to Jamestown, NY. In preparation for the move, I have been focusing on making the transition as smooth as possible. Even though I have moved a number of times in the past, it is always a chore. However, technology has made this move a little easier while at the same time created more things to do. Read the rest of this entry


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